#JuicyInJune Day 6

I saw this today, and I said “FUCK YES I’M DOING THAT.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.56.13 PM

I thrive with squats.  I live for a metcon that’s all bodyweight.  It’s basically everything I love to do when I train, in one workout.  But, it wasn’t going to be easy.  There were quite a few obstacles standing in my way.

1.) I haven’t tested for my 1RM on anything in over two years.  So, I legit don’t know where I stand with my maxes.

2.) I had a doctor’s appointment today (nothing serious, just a checkup), and I knew I’d have to fast in preparation of getting blood work done.

3.) Said doctor’s appointment wasn’t until 2:30pm today, which basically meant I’d have to starve all day long.

4.) On top of all that, I’m already struggling with issues of fatigue on the daily, so that’s fun, too.

Bearing all of that in mind, I vetoed a morning workout.  I knew it would be less-than-smart to 1RM, and then do a metcon, and then NOT EAT FOR SEVERAL HOURS AND THEN ALSO GET BLOOD DRAWN.

Unfortunately, I still knew I’d only have about an hour between the doctor and the gym, which isn’t enough time to digest a big meal.  So, I suffered all day, went to my appointment, raced home as fast as I could and smashed in 2 coconut flour pancakes (with some ‘naners in ’em, this batch), and some eggs with avocado.  I also had some green tea, knowing that a little caffeine would be critical, today.  Then, I headed to the gym.

As Kendrick Farris would say, “bless the gym.”  The walk to the gym sucked.  And, warming up with a 1000M row didn’t build any more confidence in my energy level, today.  In short, I was NOT feeling juicy.

But, somewhere between sets 2 and 3 of squatting, I realized that I felt strong— even though I didn’t have all of my blood.

My old 1RM on the back squat was somewhere around 200#.  Maybe a bit more?  I don’t remember, honestly.  And, I’m not going to go dig out my old CrossFit notebook, just to check.  So, today, I worked off of a hypothetical 1RM of 190, for all of the sets.  In the end, I squatted 195# successfully, then bailed on a 205# attempt.  I think I could’ve done it, but I freaked out at the bottom of the squat, instead.

Metcon went decently well, too.  I did it in 8:15, Rxing the 20″ height (for ladies; guys had 24″), on the box jumps.  Not a fast time, or anything.  I just kept a steady pace, plodded through it and felt better for it, in the end.

The blood work results should be back toward the end of this week.  I’m expecting to hear that I’m deficient in Vitamin D, because I tested super low for it 2 years ago, and never filled my prescription from the doctor for it.  I wanted to try to correct the issue naturally, and I was seeing a holistic specialist at the time who warned me strongly against taking any supplements that were made in a lab.

While I still agree with that approach, I’m still tired as fuck, all the time, 2 years later.  I stopped seeing my naturopath because I was failing to see any results with her advice.  So, I’m pretty sure that I’m as low in Vitamin D as I was before– if not lower.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, once these results come back.  But, I do know that I’m going to keep a more open mind to what the doc says, this time around.

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