FYFF Challenge & Protect Ya Ends Are ON!

And, we’re off!  I’m pumped to have another fitness challenge kick off on my YT channel and here on the blog, with you guys.  It’s going to be a bit trickier than I expected to work out my exercise schedule.  Here’s why.

That’s my new roommate/best friend. It happened pretty fast, but to make a short story even shorter, she’s a rescue. Found in a bucket on the side of the road with the rest of her litter. She was the only black puppy in the bunch, and I fell in love with her immediately.

She was turned over to me from her Watts Project foster on Friday, which was sooner than I was expecting.  I also didn’t truly expect to have a dog, quite at this point in my life.  But, after our first two days together, I can easily say it’s the best decision I ever made.

Not entirely sure on the breed, on account of the whole bucket on the side of the road thing.  My guess is that she’s got some Rottweiler, as well as some terrier in there, because she was not just the only black pup, but the only one with these long, wiry hairs randomly around her face and body.  But she’s TINY.  She’s 11 weeks, and only about 5 pounds.  We suspect there may have been different dads for the litter.

The rescue had named her Raspberry, which is a pretty cute name.  But, since she’s from the hood and all, I’ve been calling her RayRay.  Funny enough, she actually responds to “Ray” or “RayRay” far better than “Raspberry,” so I guess I was onto something.

I’m lucky enough to work in a dog-friendly office (and my job even offers pet health insurance!), so we’ll be doing the 9 to 5 grind together.  As far as working out goes, I’m going to experiment with crate training her, just for while I’m at the gym.  I’ll also have the help of the boyfriend, to look after her.

I always felt badly about using crates/cages, like it was mean to the dog.  But, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos to help me learn how to train her (she’s doing so well already!), and crates really aren’t puppy prison.  As long as you do it right.

So, hooray for hair and fitness challenges!  But, I’ll be super distracted raising this little girl over the next few weeks, which will mean less frequent check-ins for the challenges, at least in the short term.  Just keeping it real.


4 thoughts on “FYFF Challenge & Protect Ya Ends Are ON!

  1. Such a cutie! Congrats on your new fur baby-I’m sure it’s been an adventure ^_^
    How is your pull up challenge going? I decided to set splits as my target again and am making progress. I abandoned the beast push-ups because I suck too much to make any discernible progress in 4 weeks lol

    • I have been STRUGGLING with this challenge! The eating is good, but it’s been hard to get the workouts in with the puppy. The good thing is, I go on *several* walks each day, because of her, haha. The real challenge for me this time around will be learning to balance my workout schedule with the puppy, work and life in general. Keep me posted on your progress with the splits!

      • Walks are good-gotta get that potty training down! It’s great that you can bring her to your job and that you have help. How is she taking to her new surroundings? I imagine she doesn’t give you enough space to safely do the home workout routine. Are you going to make a YT vid introducing lil RayRay?

        I’ll keep you updated! I’ve already moves a few inches closer to the ground. Trynna get that pwssy to the floor! lol

    • I’m definitely going to include her in my next YT video, but I’ve wanted to shoot for over a week and haven’t been able to yet, between #puppylife and a recent trip out of town. Working out at home wouldn’t be prudent, because she’d just think I was trying to play, and that would NOT end well with me swinging a kettlebell around! She follows me from room to room, and always wants to be touching (ideally, by using my legs as her personal hammock), so I’ll have to figure this all out.

      Anyway, keep working on getting that pu$$y to the floor! Hopefully, at least *one* of us will having something to show, at the end of this fitness challenge, because I am BLOWING IT.

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