#UpYourGame 2017 – Day 2

This bowl of chili is a ghost. It was demolished shortly before this blog post. 

I have to say, day 2 went much better than expected. On the other hand, the beginning is nearly always much easier than the during. I’m happy to have the juice detox under my belt, I took some “before” pictures early this morning, and I’m generally feeling very excited to be taking care of myself, again.

I had scheduled a morning workout, knowing full well that there was a 97% chance that I wouldn’t actually do it until this evening. But, I got up around 6:45, took RayRay out for her usual first walk of the day, and rather than get back in bed, I thought about how much nicer it would be to come home from work tonight, knowing that I wouldn’t have to do a goddamned thing– that is, if and only if I just sucked it up, and did my wod there and then.

So I did. It wasn’t even awful! I’ve had this epiphany about morning workouts 423,231,945 times before, give or take, but if you just drag your ass out of bed and get it over with, it is ALWAYS worth it. Especially since I’m currently working out at home, which makes it even more doable. Let’s face it: Lying in bed for another 30 minutes isn’t ever going to make a positive difference in my energy level throughout the day.

I’m really going to work on forcing myself to get back in the habit of getting my workouts done before work, because by mid-morning, it’s like it never even happened! You don’t feel like you missed out on any sleep, plus, you get to enjoy your entire day without having a sweat session looming over your head, fucking up your opportunity to have a much nicer evening of watching YouTube videos and eating that batch of chili you FUCKING NAILED making yesterday– the aroma of which was still wafting through your apartment this morning, while you were doing bear crawls. Okay, for a lot of that, “you” is very clearly and specifically me, but me get the idea.

2 thoughts on “#UpYourGame 2017 – Day 2

  1. I dun goofed by 6:03 in the morning and bought doughnuts ( why did i do that? ) well I took it with stride but still how did I lose control so easily!!

    No workout I’ll have to find one that I like and is time appropriate.

    I did buy salad stuff for the rest of the week but clearly breakfast time is my trouble area ( Will work on that ) Do you mind sharing that Chili recipe? I make a vegan one with sweet potato.

    You on the other had did very well.

    • Man, I’ve been craving a doughnut for like a week and half. Specifically, the coconut horchata doughnut they have at Noah’s coffee shop, haha. Don’t stress too much about it. We’re bound to go off the reservation here and there. I just try to make sure the good choices outnumber the bad ones.

      Speaking of Noah, the chili recipe is his. It’s this one we did on Rustic as Fuck, back in the day, but I prefer it with turkey: https://youtu.be/oalyvG8BLlw

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