#ProtectYaEnds Winter/Spring 2017 Kickoff!

This is where I’m hoping my hair will be, by the end of this. 

Today, January 15th, kicks off the next round of my #ProtectYaEnds (or PYE, for short), protective style challenge. This round will run a whopping 6 months– TWICE as long as the Autumn 2016 challenge.  It begins today, and ends on Saturday, July 15th 2017.


1.) Hair must be styled in a way that keeps ends tucked away and protected at all times. This includes buns, tuck n’ roll styles, updos, headwraps/turbans, wigs and sew-in weaves. Braids, twists and extensions are fine, but your ends must be put away. Pretty much any style you choose is fine, as long as your ends are tucked away and protected. The options listed above are just that– options. You’re encouraged and welcome to come up with other styling ideas, so long as they still fall within the challenge rules.

2.) Moisturize and seal ends before putting them away in your chosen style.  (And, also the rest of your hair, because of duh.)

2A.) Keep hair well hydrated at all times, through whatever method works best for you.

3.) No direct heat styling. As in, NONE.  Limited use of a hooded dryer is okay.  I would suggest no more than once or twice a month.

4.) Snip out any split ends or single strand knots whenever you encounter them (USING HAIR SHEARS, PLEASE!), to keep ends in good shape.  If you know you need a trim, for the love of all that is good and holy, TRIM YOUR HAIR.

5.) Each participant gets SIX one-day passes to wear a style where the ends are free/unhidden.  So, you get about one day a month, or you could just blow it all in one week.  Up to you.

To be fair, this is super doable (read: “easy”) for me, because most of this ish is stuff I already do to maintain my hair.  But, for the rest of you, Godspeed.

5 thoughts on “#ProtectYaEnds Winter/Spring 2017 Kickoff!

  1. Just came on this page because I saw your latest video on your dos and don’ts for hair growth. I’m gonna try to do this challenge. 6 months is quite a long time, especially since I didn’t do your previous challenge but I’ll give it a try.
    Good luck on your end!

  2. I know I am about 2 weeks late. However, I am going to start the challenge today. I just freshly washed my hair and now I’m going to braid it up and for this week I’ll start with the wig.

  3. I JUST stumbled upon your blog after finding you on YouTube. I have been protective style mode and I will finish out with this challenge. Will you be making videos as far as updates with this challenge

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