#UpYourGame 2017 – Day 45(?)

I’m beginning to suspect the universe is low-key conspiring against me.  Except, really, I am the one to blame!

Last weekend was supposed to be my quick reset button/juice detox situation.  Then, I realized that I have a cocktail show hosting gig this week, which obviously means drinking alcohol.  Which obviously means I’d be retoxing within a day or two of detoxing.


So, I decided to delay the detox until this coming weekend (which works a bit better anyway, since I have Monday off for Presidents’ Day!).  Not a huge problem.

I resolved to hit the workouts hard, nonetheless.  Great way to semi cancel out the hooch, after all.  Until I went to an appointment on Saturday that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.  The appointment was to get some moles removed.  Moles that have been pissing me off for ages.

What they didn’t tell me on the phone was– well, pretty much anything.  The place I went to gave me zero instruction, in terms of what to expect before my appointment, nor afterward.  So, you can imagine my surprise when they told me that, because of the scabbing from the moles and the healing process, I am not allowed to work out or sweat profusely for at least a fucking week.  Mother.  Fucker.

I wasn’t allowed to get my face wet PERIOD for the first 24 hours after the procedure, and I have to be super easy with washing my face (that’s where I am getting the moles removed), applying my products so that I don’t agitate my skin and avoiding exfoliation of any kind.  Basically, I have to keep the scabs intact, and let them fall off naturally.  Otherwise, there could be scarring.

Now, I’m limited to diet alone, to try to make some progress for the week– which, while important, feels incomplete.  I was really ready to get back to working out!  Hopefully, after my one week follow-up, I’ll get the go-ahead to get back to work.

In the meantime, I have a shit ton of black dots on my face, which are the moles rising to the surface, before they fall off and heal.  To say the least this Morgan Freeman steez is not my desired look, but I am hopeful for a nice final result.  

And, P.S., also not the best timing for my face to look like a fucking Jackson Pollock painting, since I have to be on camera resembling a person for this hosting gig.  Guess who gets to wear ALL OF THE MAKEUP this week?  Gaaaaahhh.

Anyway, yes, a mole removal video is coming, once this whole fiasco is over with.  You know, in case you care.

4 thoughts on “#UpYourGame 2017 – Day 45(?)

  1. I was going to ask you to drop a video on that ish lol looking forward to it.

    I’m currently detoxing its going okay workouts still are not perfect yet, but i still feel like im doing pretty good. I got a few weeks to up my shit!

    • Have you upped your shit? I *finally* have re-upped my shit, but I’m only about a week and half back on the wagon. I am feeling VERY motivated again, though, and will probably roll right into a #SnatchedForSummer challenge after this, to keep it all going.

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