#UpYourGame 2017 – Day ??? Let’s Just Say “Week 10”

Though things took a while to right themselves after my last post, I am finally back on track!  For real, this time!  I told y’all about the whole mole situation, and not being able to work out because of sweat, and all.  Well, I went for my follow up appointment the following weekend, and had to get more moles zapped, which meant another week of having to let the scabs heal, and having to avoid sweating.

Once that was over, I decided to revisit Lauren Brooks’ program in her book, Kettlebells for Women.  I did this entire 3 month program about two years ago.  This time around, I’m only using the first month (or a portion of it), to help me ease back into exercise, since I’m essentially at square one again.

Also, I had been experiencing chest pain for about a week, prior to getting back on the workout wagon.  In case you’ve never experienced it, chest pain is scary.  It has also happened to me before.  

I’ve experienced this type of thing maybe 3-4 times in the past 3 years, but this was definitely in the top 2 of worsts.  Chest pain is already frightening, and it is made scarier by the fact that my mom has a heart condition, as it is.

I got it checked out, and luckily, my heart is fine.  My issue is caused by inflammation in my sternum, which has a long name that I’ve already forgotten.  The remedy?  Advil.  (Though, I won’t be taking any, because I don’t like taking anything, if I can avoid it.)

Anyway, I’ve always noticed that this problem reemerges when my eating is far away from ideal.  And, I’d even surmised that it was some kind of inflammation response.  It makes perfect sense that a poor diet, which I already know causes inflammation, would manifest in one way or another, for me.  It was a reality check that timed perfectly with my ability to resume working out.

I’m in week 2 of Lauren Brooks’ program.  The first workouts are a bit too short, and a bit too easy, but I think they are a good first step.  This week, I’m continuing with the program, progressing difficulty by upping weights, and reducing rests between movements/sets.  I’m also adding in some of the dreaded spin classes.  I hit one up on Sunday, with my friend who teaches at Flywheel.  And, I have another one set for Thursday morning.

I decided to rip the Band-Aid off, diet-wise.  No gradual elimination diet, this go-round.  I cut the sugar, dairy, wheat and soy, cold turkey.  I will instead be eating cold turkey.  I’m also counting calories again, in Lose It!  They weighed me at the doctor, when I was getting my chest pain checked out, and it was a WAKE UP CALL.

The best part is, I do finally feel “into it,” and like I’m “in the zone,” which I did feel at the very start of the challenge, but hadn’t really felt again since faltering about 2/3rds of the way through January.  I’m so excited to get back into shape!  Also, this is going to hurt!

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