Long time, no post!  I haven’t had a load of time for my hobby projects, so I’ve been slacking on the ‘Tube, and here.  A bit better about getting back on track on YT, because that has a lot more eyeballs on it.  Just sayin’.

But, today marks the close of week 1 of my latest health and fitness challenge, the #SeptemberSHRED.  Here are the details on that, by the way:

The #SeptemberShred Challenge began on Monday, August 21st.  It ends on Sunday, October 1st.

Challenge Rules:

1.) Drink half of your weight (after changing pounds to ounces) of water, daily. So, if you weigh 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water each day.

2.) 5 challenging workouts per week. You get 2 passes to work out only 4 days in a given week, during the challenge.

3.) No added sugar.

4.) You can have alcohol no more than one day per week, and no more than 3 cocktails on that day.

5.) Take “before” and “after” photos to track your progress and stay motivated after the challenge concludes!

There are 5 more weeks to go, so that’s a lot of time to get some good results.  Which is lucky, because I kind of fucked up for week 1!

It wasn’t that bad.  But, it sort of was.  I was mediocre on the eating [had a chai latte on Thursday, which = sugar AND dairy; I *technically* didn’t eat anything else involving sugar/dairy/grains/soy…but I did have fries (TWICE) — and I maxed out the 3 drinks I was allowed for the week, and it was spread over 2 different days!]; plus, I only got 4 of the 5 required workouts in for the week.

I was supposed to get in my 5th workout today, but I didn’t have the time or the energy.  On the plus side, I had neither of those things because I got a ton of other shit done!  I actually meal prepped for the week!  Like a proper grown lady!  And, I even got a YouTube video finished and uploaded!  After doing another one yesterday Here go the one from today!

See?  I was very productive, so I don’t feel fully awful about missing a workout in the first week.  In fact, my excitement over getting my meals sorted far outweighs my feelings of failure and inadequacy.  It’s such a load off to know that my breakfasts, lunches and dinners are all ready for my to eat, all week!  Or, maybe until like Thursday?  We’ll see how many days I get out of this turkey sausage scramble…

Even getting a blog post up right now has me feeling like a boss.  And, I have a mask on my face, to boot.  SO MUCH DOING GETTING DONE.

Anyway.  I feel great.  I’m already thinking about what will be quick and easy for me to meal prep, next Sunday.  Today’s options (the aforementioned turkey sausage scramble, DIY salads for lunches or dinners and turkey vegetable chili for lunches or dinners) were pretty quick for me to prep, and that is the way that it has to be.  I won’t be able to stick with meal prepping if it takes my entire Sunday.

So, week 1 was okay.  Week 2 will be good to GREAT.  I’m excited.  I’m a little scared.  But, I’m definitely ready.  Time to rinse this mask off.

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