My Stupid Basic Macros Log

In my review of my custom meal plan from Gauge Girl, I mentioned that the plan sucked and was a waste of my money, so I went ahead and created a bare bones log to track my macros my damn self, in Google Sheets.

I should have known that a bunch of people were going to ask me for it, which I was loathe to do because 1.) like I said, it’s really simple, and it is easy enough to just make one yourself, and 2.) inevitably, people are going to complain about it, even though they didn’t even pay for it, and it wasn’t made nor intended for them in the first place.  (I’ve been in the YouTube game long enough to know how some people are.)

But, the overwhelming majority of my YT fam is cool, so HERE IT IS. That link’ll download an Excel template of the log.  I have set the values to a baseline of 2000 calories, and the macros distribution is 30% protein, 50% carbohydrates and 20% fat.

This is not what I’m doing.  This is just a general idea of what a moderate diet might look like, and all of these values can be changed by putting in whatever amounts you want in the “GOALS” row, toward the bottom.

So, if you wanted to eat 2,200 calories per day on a low carb diet, all you do is change “2000” to “2,200” in the “GOALS” row, recalculate your target grams for protein, carbs and fat accordingly, and then add in those values (in grams) to the “GOALS” row in the corresponding columns.  In case you need a refresher, protein and carbs are about 4 calories per gram, and fats are about 9 calories per gram.

This grid automatically adds your calorie totals and macros totals (again, in grams), as you add them to the grid, throughout the day.  Beneath “GOALS,” in the “DEFICIT/SURPLUS” row, it will show you how many calories (or grams) you are short for the day, denoted with a minus sign before the number.  If you’re over, it’ll be the number, sans the “-” in front.  If you’re dead on, it’ll read “0.”

So, if you can eat 300 more calories for the day, and you’re short 15 grams of protein from your target, but you have gone over 4 grams of fat for your day’s target, in the “SURPLUS/DEFICIT” row, it’ll say “-300” in the calories column, “-15” in the protein column and “4” in the fat column.

Here’s a recent log of mine:sample day log copyAs you can see, I was over my target of 1700 calories by 152, over my target protein by 4.95g, carbs by 37.95g and fats by 1.9g.  I am fine with all of this, because my goal is actually to be *increasing* my calories steadily, after being on the glorified crash diet that was my aforementioned “customized” meal plan.

Really, I’m using the goal as a MINIMUM target to hit, and I’ll continue to raise it every two weeks or so, by 100 calories, until I feel I’m at a good level to support continued fat loss, while still allowing me to have strength, energy and peak performance in my workouts.

To get values for the foods I’m eating, I use CalorieKing or MyFitnessPal.  I prefer the former, as the site is slightly less shitty.

Okay, that’s it, really.  I’m not fielding questions about this.  Seriously.  It wasn’t meant to be shared publicly!

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